How to Blend Old and Modern Design in Your House Renovation

When you’re remodeling an old house, there are two approaches you can go about. First, you can follow the preservationist path where you’ll have to leave the old design. Second, you can go for a blending approach where you combine the old design with a modern one.

Typically, the second approach is the most desirable option to choose. For modern families, bad lighting, uneven floors, layers of old paint, and layouts do not work. Older houses can have tons of problems.

However, there are typically a couple of charming features worth saving. This includes pocket doors, fireplace surrounds, custom crown molding, and other remnants of the old era.

If you’re planning to renovate your home using Oahu general contractors, here are a couple of tips you can follow to blend old design with modern design.

Do Not Be Scared to Get a Bit Quirky

Your old home should not make you feel like you are stuck inside a museum unless you’re living inside a registered historic landmark.

If you want to make formal details and grand scales a bit simpler, you should consider including quirky pieces that show your true style.

It is this kind of personality and cheerfulness that will make the result beautiful.

Think About Following the Original Design

If you’re remodeling project needs an overall renovation of the old house, it is great to preserve some of the concepts of the original builder. Even if you tear down the entire place, there are methods that your new space can recall the old design.

You will be satisfied in the end if you do this. The final product will be a house that feels consistent and integrated inside and out.

For instance, think about old pocket doors. These doors produce a unifying stretch of fine wood grain along the wall, design-wise.

Even if your remodeling project requires the removal of old pocket doors, you can recreate the old design using a sleek set of book-matched cabinets in your kitchen or living room.

A reliable general contractor can do a lot of great things with new construction that replaces or blends with your favorite old features.

Modernize the Most Important Parts

If you want to follow the original features of your house, there are two areas where it makes sense to go for a complete overhaul. These areas include the bathroom and the kitchen.

Both places require modern designs for the sake of practicality and comfort. It is extremely rare to find a kitchen with an old design. Appliances and lifestyles have changed a lot in the past several years.

Separate Assets from Liabilities

It does not matter what condition it is in. All old houses have a couple of redeeming qualities. The key to a successful home remodeling is choosing what you like.

Only you know which features you would love to keep. However, a lot of homeowners require help when it comes to ditching the rest.

You should not be scared to let go of old features. This is particularly true if it isn’t practical to keep them.