Outsourcing SEO: More Service for Your Buck

As is your considered response to questions and feedback when requested. An effective SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION fix is one where the SEO supplier and the client work together.Related image

This can determine the terminology, grammar and phrases etc to be used on your website and the right key phrases to be within the SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION (e. g. “optimised” in UK, Vs “optimized” in US). It will also help your SEO professional if he or she comes to formally telling Yahoo where to geographically target your website. Allow your SEO professional see your home page’s Content Management System (CMS – the area that you login to, to manage your website) so that an assessment can come in as to how SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (or Google) friendly your website is. If some crucial SEO requirement is difficult with your current CMS then that is best determined early.

We certainly have seen it all with SEO and the truth is scary. There are big SEO companies throughout like a plague and most are fly by night functions with little or no real world official seo assassins website experience. There is also an great quantity of inexperienced individual con artists out there that contain no real world SEO experience or knowledge in SEO nonetheless they have fooled many people and businesses that don’t know any better.

An example is a new client that hired all of us and contacted us on a 3 way cell phone call so we could listen to what the BIG SEO company was offering to do. The SEO firm promised to make my client #1 on organic and natural Google searches and explained they have special and secret relationship with Google. OK this seems amazing but the fact of the matter is THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE and this SEO firm tried to rip another company off.

To make things more interesting I called the SEO firm on my own and spoke to the same salesman We spoke to earlier via a 3 way phone call and picked his brain to see where the conversation would go. This specific so called Web Master told me each SEO expert they employ is accountable for managing the SEO for over 100 client websites because they are so awesome!

Not only did this SEO company promise things that are impossible to guarantee, they demonstrated they may not be capable of delivering the one on a single attention to detail that is essential to deliver quality SEO services, and their prices for shoddy work is way over priced. Right now I am not saying good SEO comes cheap, because good SEO is very time consuming and requireds a lot of work, dedication, knowledge and, above all, real world SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION experience.

What a tough question to answer because good SEO consultants are usually very busy catering to their clients and know firsthand that good SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION requires paying serious attention to detail, and managing the SEO for one hundred websites is a bad idea for just one SEO consultant. The first thing you should be asking for is to meet the SEO specialist in person – face to face for a consultation. If they are not willing to meet you face-to-face then STOP and keep looking.