Are home remedies available to eliminate your dog’s bad breath?

If you have a pet, then it is your responsibility to take care of its hygiene and wellbeing. Many people love to keep a dog as a pet,and it is the species most popular among all the animals that majority people love to keep with them. To take care of a dog from its childhood to theend of life hence becomes the responsibility of the dog owner only. This includes everything starting from feeding the dog to bathing it to cleaning its poop. One of the most important things that are often not taken care of is the oral hygiene of your pet. Just like humans, teeth are an important part of our body,and utmost care must be taken of the same. Oral hygiene means not only seeing to the fact that the teeth of your pet is clean but also to make sure that they are strong and healthy. Also, dogs often develop a bad breath perhaps due to a cough or due to some problems in the teeth itself. There are some home remedies that one can employ to make sure that your dog does not have bad breath and it fresh and clean. Join Cleveland dog training for health care tips for your dog.Image result for Dog Training

Using Parsley: Fresh parsley can be used in the diet of your pet to make sure that there are no bacteria in its system which is causing the bad breath. You can either add parsley to the food itself or use a mouth spray and the killing agents in the herb will make sure that there is an elimination of the bad breath. Use can boil freshly chopped parsley and use this potion into a spray bottle to spray it in your dog’s mouth thrice a day. Repeat the process till the bad breath completely goes away from the mouth.

Water Bowl: The water bowl that your pet drinks from can be a source of bacteria which are causing the bad breath. In case your dog has suddenly developed bad breath then you must clean the bowl with anti-bacterial soap and hot water. Rinse it properly to maintain the cleanliness daily. More than the bad breath you must also ensure that your dog is consuming fresh water.

Carrots: Some dogs actually are fond of carrots,and this can remove the plague and freshen up the bad breath in the mouth. Carrots are also a rich source of vitamin A and C which is helpful in improving the immunity of the dog,and thus it can fight off the unwanted bacteria in its system.

Apple Cider vinegar: The ACV is one of the most important agents which can be used as a home remedy for a number of diseases affecting your dog. Being an anti-microbial agent, this helps to kill the bacteria in the mouth,and the highly acidic nature helps to attack the plague. The dog can drink a diluted solution of apple cider vinegar with water. If this is continued daily for a few weeks, then the dog mouth can be rid of the bad breath.

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